Medical Pedicures


Why risk your health and your feet?

Our Mission is to change the quality and safety of pedicures, to increase awareness of the importance of healthy feet, and to create unique solutions to achieve soft, beautiful feet . . . 

One foot at a time 

What is a Medical Pedicure?

At Last! 

A clinic that provides the indulgence and luxury of a pedicure, with the hygiene and safety of a medical clinic. 

Our Medical Pedicures are the ultimate in luxury and foot care for both healthy feet and those in need of a little extra care and attention. 

We offer safe nail care, intense moisturizing treatments and foot care solutions including the safe removal of hard skin, cracked heels or calluses. 

Our pedicurist has extensive knowledge and can assess your feet, provide an appropriate treatment and prescribe the right advice for your concerns. 

Your pedicure will include an exfoliation treatment, professionally trimmed nails, callous removal, with pharmaceutical-grade specialized moisture treatment and a foot massage.

Medical Pedicures are performed by qualified Pedicurists who use only autoclaved, sanitary instruments.

How Will a Medical Pedicure Benefit You?

While a traditional cosmetic pedicure focuses on making your toenails look as good as possible, and gets rid of some dead skin, it ignores real problems and sometimes creates them. Not to mention, your feet are on display in front of all the other customers.

Our Certified Master Pedicurist and Podologist is trained to examine and evaluate foot and nail disorders using advanced equipment and tools…and uses the strictest hygiene protocols. Our pedicure is an esthetic and therapeutic foot care treatment performed in a private setting.

Meet Linda Dressler: Linda is a professional licensed Cosmetologist, Nail Technology Teacher, and North American School of Podology Certified Master Pedicurist and Podologist with 35 years of industry experience.

Due to her advanced training, outstanding skills and experience in the field the process of getting a Medical Pedicure is painless and an amazing experience which will rejuvenate your feet

What conditions can a Medical Pedicure address?

Within the scope of her certification as a Master Pedicurist and Podologist, Linda, a specialist in this field can address:

Corn and Callous Removal

Ingrown Nail Treatments

Diabetic Foot Care

Keri Flex Nail Restoration

Where are Medical Pedicures Performed?

Total Image Beauty & Wellness Center, Bettendorf

Linda Dressler

Monday & Wednesday 

By Appointment 8 am - 5 pm

Phone: 563.343.2809

Located in Offices of:

Absolute Balance Chiropractic


3565 Utica Ridge Rd 

Bettendorf IA 52722


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I need to make appointment?

Yes, please call our office or Linda Dressler for an appointment.

Do I need to see the doctor first or need a referral?

No. Medical Pedicures are available to both men and women of all ages who desire quality foot care. 

Does the pedicure include polish? 

No, you may purchase our recommended anti‐fungal polishes or bring your own which can be applied for an additional charge.

Is a Medical Pedicure covered by insurance?

No, Medical Pedicures are non‐covered cosmetic procedures. 

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