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Skin Care Therapy for Oncology Patients

Oncology Skin care therapy using specifically formulated product that is safe for compromised skin.

OUR GOAL is to provide you with a measure of Comfort, Compassion, and Care.

As we walk with you on your journey, we will guide and educate you while we treat the changes and challenges that occur in your Skin, Hair, Scalp and Nails.

​We believe a cancer patient is in a unique medical situation as a human  being –needing to be cared for with love and respect.

Linda, oncology trained and an experienced licensed Cosmetologist, will access your new skin care issues and offer guidance to help lift the burden of side effects that are a part of the cancer journey.

For a FREE consultation call Linda 563-343-2908 or 309 797-5008

What is Skin Care Therapy

Skin care therapy refers to a range of specialized facial treatments that use specifically formulated products that are safe for compromised skin. Together they will nurture and strengthen your skin, bringing it back to a more comfortable and balanced state. 

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