Pedicure Safety: What to know before you go!



While a traditional cosmetic pedicure focuses on making your toenails look as good as possible, and gets rid of some dead skin, it ignores real problems and sometimes creates them. Not to mention, your feet are on display in front of all the other customers.

Our Certified Master Pedicurist and Podologist is trained to examine and evaluate foot and nail disorders using advanced equipment and tools…and uses the strictest hygiene protocols. Our pedicure is an esthetic and therapeutic foot care treatment performed in a private setting.

Your Pedicure Safety

What to know before you go!

​​​​We have all seen and heard of the nightmares of problems that have happened from receiving a pedicure.  To help you enjoy a relaxing, stress free, and most important, ​SAFE​  pedicure, here are the procedures you should be following...

  • ​​​​​​​Do Not ​Shave ​your legs 24-48 hours before your pedicure...​   When you shave your legs, it can leave tiny openings that will allow bacteria to enter your system.
  • ​Tell your pedicurist of any medical conditions or medication your are taking...  This could save your life as some people should NOT have a pedicure!
  • ​Ask about instrument cleaning...    All of our metal instruments are scrubbed clean of all debris first. Then put into an Ultra Sonic Cleaner with  EPA Registered Hospital Grade disinfectant solution. None of our instruments are reused until they have been properly disinfected and sanitized.
  • ​Ask about one time use instruments and files...   All our non metal instruments are one time use. 
  • ​Ask what kind of footbath will be used?...  We use a disposable one time use liner.
  • ​Is the salon and pedicurist licensed?...  The Total Image Beauty and Wellness Center has been a licensed business since 1984. Our pedicurists are licensed Cosmetologists. Linda, is a Certified Master Pedicurist and Podologist and a licensed Cosmetologist, and Nail Technology Teacher.

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